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Trang An – 4 unique points

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Trang An – 4 unique points

TrangAn_the unique points

Trang An ecological tourist area is located in Ninh Binh province, Vietnam. This place is like “Halong on land ” and many visitors come here every day. It has a diverse system of limestone mountains and natural caves. Moreover, Trang An includes not only the beauty of mountains and rivers but also 4 unique points that other places of Vietnam don’t have.

This is the only mixed heritage in Vietnam

TrangAn_the unique points

The scene of Trang An is beautiful

In the heritage of Vietnam, Trang An ecological tourist area is the only one which is mixed heritage (convergence of both cultural and natural criteria recognized by UNESCO). Spread over 12,000 hectares, this is where culture intertwines with the magic, mystery and majesty of the natural world.

This place has the most original caves

Cave in Trang An

Cave in Trang An

There are 48 caves with associated names and many stories such as Sinh cave, Diu cave, Ba Giot cave, Wine cave, Quy Hau cave … Trang An is the only Vietnamese heritage site with many caves. The system of these caves is successive, forming a circle. When cruising, visitors are required to lower their heads to avoid touching their heads.

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Trang An Ecological tourist area also has the most interesting bird garden

Thung nham

Thung Nham

That is the Thung Nham bird garden with natural forest ecosystems in the area of ​​about 334.2 hectares, including 19 hectares of primary forest. This sanctuary is home to about 46 species of birds, including one recorded in the Red Book such as Giang Sen, Coc De … This is also the only bird park in Vietnam “own” thousand year old tree . The tree grows on a large limestone plate with many layers of foliage. Every visitor must admire the ancient and unique nature of the tree growing in the middle of this forest.

In adition, there is the most unique tree in this place

The tree’s name is “thi”, it grows in the Khong temple located in Trang An tourist area. Going on a boat trip through 13 mysterious caves. After a thousand years of history, the tree resembles an elephant shaped shadow on the lake and covers the ancient Khong temple.

"thi" at Khong temple

“thi” at Khong temple

The tree gives two kinds of fruit: round fruit and flattening fruit. Every morning, the aroma of ripening fruit diffuses in large space. The tree is unique because its fruit will not be eaten by any worm.

You could refer to this tour to travel to Trang An with good service :

Bai Dinh Trang An ecological tour



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    Trang An is very peaceful and beautiful. I will come back if I have a chance 🙂

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    On le rencontrait par les chemins, vetu comme le plus pauvre des paysans, portant une mechante veste
    rapiecee, coiffe d’une casquette de cuir a oreillettes,
    les pieds dans d’enormes sabots, invariablement arme d’un gros baton termine en fourche.

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