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Interesting knowledge about Ta Phin village’s people , Sapa

Ta Phin

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Interesting knowledge about Ta Phin village’s people , Sapa

Interesting knowledge about Ta Phin village’s people , Sapa

Ta Phin village’s people

Ta Phin village

This  village is one of unique villages in Sapa. If you come to Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus, you’ll have more interesting things to discover. With wild landscape, cool climate, friendly people and attractive products, Ta Phin is attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists.

In Ta Phin village

In Ta Phin village

Coming to this village, the first thing attracts tourists is the image of the H’Mong women charming in traditional costumes . Deep inside the village, visitors will see the old people, women are sitting and weaving fabric brocade in front of the house.

In brocade village

In brocade village

From the skillful hands, they have created a lot of rich and diverse brocade products, all styles and colors such as : backpacks, travel bags, hand bags, wallets, paintings, dress, hat … Learn about Sapa’s culture and people is also the desire of many Sapa tours.

How to make fabric

Every H’Mong woman  who reaches adulthood is divided some fields for growing flax. When the flax is about 2m high, they cut  and  dry flax , then peel these trees.  When splitting it, women must be very clever so that the linen fibers are uniform in thickness and do not break halfway.

These bundles of linen are tightly wrapped, put in mortars to beat all the flour so that only the remaining fiber, then rolled into large fibers. In order to achieve whiteness and softness, flax fibers have to be steamed several times with boiled water and once waxed and then woven  weaving into the fabric. H’Mong usually woven with a loops. The finished woven fabric has to be washed and washed several times for white, then spread over a round log, then a slab of beeswax slides off, sliding until it is flat. Sapa Tour 2 days 3 nights See here

The most demanding part is embroidery on the fabric. Embroidery patterns are spiral motifs, pumpkin flowers or patterns inspired by nature such as trees, grasses, flowers, leaves, birds … H’Mong people are very picky when embroidered traditional costumes of women with full towel Wrap your head, shirt, jacket, skirt and leggings. They embroidered their own parts and sewed them into complete costumes.

Each fabric is very personal, showing the sophistication of each person. For the upland ethnic people, brocade is not only used for daily living but also as a memorial of dowry or love on the wedding day. This is also an indispensable souvenir of tourists when coming to Sa Pa. In particular, Ta Phin brocade is also many places in the country ordered to sell to customers and export to some markets in the United States, France, Denmark …

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