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Why should you travel to Halong bay this summer ?

Halong bay tours from Hanoi

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Why should you travel to Halong bay this summer ?

Summer on Halong bay

Summer is the occasion for new trips, with new experiences in new lands. There are countless beautiful places waiting your feet, which can be dreamy highlands, beaches and white sands. And for those who love to travel, Summer on Halong bay is really not to be missed.

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Summer on Halong bay

Halong bay has the fresh air and lots of limestone mountains on sea

Halong bay tours from Hanoi

Everyone has the opportunity to set feet on Halong all say that: very beautiful! Halong carries a unique beauty: blue water with limestone mountains, white sands on beach. This is a place where you can relax yourself and the  enjoy the one of 7 New Natural Wonders beauty.

Besides, The North of Vietnam become hotter as this time is summer. Halong is one of ideal destinations to avoid the hot weather.

Fresh Seafood

Halong bay tours from HanoiHalong has not only many great tourism destinations, but also a lot of fresh seafood. There are : shrimp, crabs, fish, clams and shellfish, lobster … with many kinds and processed lots of dishes. Tourists could taste these delicious foods of sea here.

You can also enjoy Cruises with many interesting activities

Halong bay cruises on a sunny day



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