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Scenic Mai Chau tour – Admire the natural beauty in Vietnam

Mai Chau valley

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Scenic Mai Chau tour – Admire the natural beauty in Vietnam

Scenic Mai Chau tour – Admire the natural beauty in Vietnam

Scenic Mai Chau tour

Mai Chau  is a district in the heart of Hoa Binh province. Relaxing in Scenic Mai Chau tour means you keep away from bustle and hustle city of Hanoi. Mai Chau has scenic views and breathtaking beauty of valley, rocky mountains, zigzag passes, green rice fields.

Scenic Mai Chau tour

Mai Chau valley

Through the Muong Khen junction, visit Tan Lac town,  visitors will come to one of the legendary pass of the Northwest. The pass that the people often referred to the name White Stone Pass or Thung Khe Pass   . Stop at the  pass , enjoy some boiled corn from Muong ethnic people and visit a small upland market. Standing here, visitors can admire a large area of ​​Thung Khe , all yellow when the harvest comes. It is also possible to feel the special feeling of climate change between this and the other side of the mountain. Over White Rock Pass, about 5km down the Thung Khe is  Mai Chau valley.

Mai Chau 2 days tour

road of Thung Khe pass

In summer, the scenery here is covered by a forest of green trees, corn fields, the rice fields. Especially, at the end of the autumn, Mai Chau pops up with a beautiful yellow color because the terraced fields are in crops.

Lac village, Mai Chau

Lac village

Mai Chau also attracts visitors by pure beauty, rustic and friendly. Living together in the aquarium space is the beauty of harmony and intercourse in the life of the Kinh, Muong,H’ Mong, Dzao, Tay and especially Thai ethnic groups. The Thai people in Mai Chau have made their own beauty attractive to visitors to this land. With friendly, warm and hospitable nature. Thai brocade weaving tools, especially the community culture of the Thai people is the attraction to stop visitors, stay here. The Thai villages are quite crowded, rich and preserve the traditional culture, especially Thai stilt houses, which make up famous tourist destinations such as Lac village, Pom Coong, Van village …

Mai Chau valley with its majestic nature, beautiful scenery, green color of the mountainous region, creating a beautiful picture.

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