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Some interesting points about Sapa’s brocade fabric

Brocade in market

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Some interesting points about Sapa’s brocade fabric

Some interesting points about Sapa’s brocade fabric

Sapa’s brocades fabric

Brocade weaving in Sapa is one of the long-standing traditions of this land. Sapa’s brocades fabric is hand-woven fabrics that have lots of patterns which is floated on the fabric’s surface as they were embroidered. Almost brocade weaving mainly comes from villages of ethnic minorities and women are the main workers of this profession.

Sapa's brocade fabric

Sapa’s brocade fabric

At a young age, the H’Mong, Tay and Dzao girls were handed over to brocade weaving, and they created practical products in daily life such as clothes and towels, hats and traditional costumes.

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Brocade weaving process

Brocade weaving  is difficult to determine when, only know that it is passed down through many generations of women here. To make a complete brocade requires a lot of work and time. The first step is to prepare raw materials such as cotton yarn, linen, betel leaves, turmeric, brown rice, indigo tree …

According to people, when the brocade weaving started, the women here had to go to the forest to get the plants dried and then split the shell so that the bark was not cut off halfway. The bundles are tightly wrapped and crush them . When the thread appear,  they will be rolled into large fibers. They are boiled several times and once boiled with beeswax, the fibers are white and softer, now put into weaving  .The fabric is finished weaving and washing and re-washing many times for the white. Afterwards, the cloth is spread over a round log, and then a slab of beeswax, sliding until the fabric is flat.

Brocade fabric is the good souvenir for visitors

sapa brocade

sapa brocade

Brocade weaving in Sapa was formed long ago with the original purpose of making products to serve themselves, their families or in a small community together. As the tourist rushes to this land, the products made from brocade turn into a unique Sapa souvenir item, attracting the attention of visitors. Brocade products are hand-woven so it is very skillful and sophisticated, high quality with unique patterns and textures, so visitors are very fond of, especially foreign visitors. They bought it for use, as a gift to the family or simply to commemorate their trip in Sapa, seeing brocades as a reminder of the beautiful villages. There are some famous brocade villages : Ta Phin, Cat Cat, Ta Van, ..

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