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Sapa special goods – Many people buy them for gifts

Brocade in market

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Sapa special goods – Many people buy them for gifts

If you go to Sapa 2 days 1 night  by train(/by bus) or you stay in longer time, you may know these really special goods. There are some  Sapa special goods you should definitely  taste and buy some for gifts, eating . Because they may not be in any other place in Vietnam and in the world .

Sapa special goods


In brocade village

In brocade village

Every country has its own culture, own special good in traditional weaving. In Vietnam,  there are some special brocade fabric. And Sapa has a special brocade fabric made by ethnic groups. Some of brocade weaving villages are concentrated here.

There are many good kinds of brocade fabric, especially kind made by H’Mong ethnic group . H’Mong brocade fabrics are made by hands,  not by any fabric machine in factories.

Brocade in market

Brocade in market

Many foreigners all like this good when they come here. They buy brocade fabric for gifts  or dressing. So why don’t  you take any brocade dresses  ?

Mushrooms ( Lentinus edodes)

When rains in the summer come, it is the time for the mushroom harvest in Sapa’s forests.

Mushrooms are rich in protein , minerals and vitamins: C, B, D,.. Mushrooms are delicious and high nutritional value. Sapa mushrooms are sweet,  very fragrant and very light. So, you pay attention to distinguish with mushroom cultivation. Sapa Market and the surrounding area are ideal places to buy this specialty.



If you travel Sapa in this season, you should choose some strings of mushrooms to cook meal for whole family . Perhaps, using them like gifts .

Buffalo meat hanging up the kitchen

Buffalo meat

Buffalo meat

It’s definitively like the name. This is special food of ethnic groups for reserving foods. They cut buffalo meat into longitudinal pieces of meat . Then, they marinate and hang  pieces of meat on the smokestack. Buffalo meat is taken from 8 months to a year later. The smoke makes meat smell a bit hard to smell. However, the more you chew the more sweet from this meat. Each piece of meat is fragrant and people who enjoyed  forget hard.

Wine of Meo apples and San Lung wine

There are two famous wines in Sapa: Meo apple wine and San Lung wine, all of them are brewed from the fruits and natural leaves. Meo apple wine is made by soaked apples with a very special flavored odor. This wine is a bit sweet .

wine of cat apples

wine of Meo apples

In addition to apple wine, Shan Lung wine is too famous with unique enamel of the Red Dao ethnic group.

You can buy the apple wine at Sapa market. And San Lung wine: you can go to San Lung village in Ban Xooc, Bat Xat, to enjoy and buy a bottle of wine.

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