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6 experiences you should try in Sapa

Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus

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6 experiences you should try in Sapa

6 experiences you should try in Sapa

Sapa experiences

If you come to Sapa, you should not miss these Sapa experiences below. These experiences will be unforgetable memories in your life.

1/Conquer the Fansipan mountain

Sapa experiences


If you like the challenge , you do not hesitate to climb the Fansipan mountain. You can enjoy the beautiful space of the yellow rice fields, the “sea” of clouds like the fairy land . Moreover, when you conquer by your own strength, with the help of team unity, you will be extremely happy to enjoy this victory feeling.

Besides, the 3-wire cable system with the world’s safest system will be your chance if you want to get to Fansipan’s top. The cable system’s length is 6.2 km, with 35 cabins, capacity 30-35 passengers / cabin, speed 8m / sec. Nowaday,  you are easy to get to top of Fansipan mountain.

2/ Enjoy the beautiful terraced fields


The terraced fields is one of the most beautiful scene in Sapa.  There is only one crop in the year, the ripening time is only about one or two weeks. When rice is ripe, ethnic people harvest fields very quickly. So do not miss this wonderful opportunity and book tour Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus for going to Sapa, Lao Cai on time.

Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus

Sapa 3 days 2 night

The reason why to choose this hotel

3/ Visit Muong Hoa valley

This is one of the most beautiful valley in the North of Vietnam. So, if you go to Sapa, you should visit Muong Hoa valley once.

See more at: List of beautiful

4/ See the sunrise and the sunset

Early morning, you will see a misty scene. When the sun rises, the fog dissolves, replacing it with a brilliant sunlight. The colour is like honey.

In the afternoon, as the sun descends behind the Hoang Lien Mountains, a purple shirt completely covers the town. Trees, houses, land as dyed a sad purple color like a “paint”. People who are viewing the picture  also feel a little romantic.

5/ Stay at a homestay

Homesatys will make you feel more about the culture here. Homestays are also good places to admire many sceneries of Sapa.

You could read more about homestay here :  Sapa homestays 

6/ In addition to visit famous places : Cat Cat village, Ham Rong mountain, O Quy Ho Pass, etc.., you should taste lots of delicious foods here:

Please read  information below:

Sapa Cuisine – Grilled foods are

Sapa’s delicious dish addresses – Where to go ?

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