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4 dishes you should try in Sapa

Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus

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4 dishes you should try in Sapa

Sapa delicious dishes

If you come to Sapa, you couldn’t ignore these delicious dishes. Sapa’s Cuisine is variety with lots of dishes and food. Food is so fresh and tasty here. Let’s check Sapa delicious dishes out if you travel by Sapa 2 days tour or Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus .

1. Salmon Hot pot

Sapa delicious dishes

Hot pot of Salmon

Salmon is rated low in fat, firm meat, high nutritional value. Visitors often find it hard to overlook a hot pot of salmon, the sweet water from salmon bones. Fresh vegetables are also dipped in hot pot. You can try this dish in the restaurants of Sapa to enjoy..

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2. “Thang Co”

Did you taste Thang Co in Sapa ?  This dish is used to being the dish made on festive days , the oath of protection of the forest, important days such as the village meeting, family line,…

Thang Co

Thang Co

3. Pork

Grazed pigs are  in natural conditions, in the forest, just eating trees, grass, not eating industrial food, meat is lean, low in fat and taste as natural meat when eaten. There are some dishes with pork such as : Grilled pork, boiled pork,..

4. Black Chicken

Black Chicken is known as evil chicken, black chicken meat is very firm. Chicken’s skin when baked up is crispy. Grilled black chicken is a dish you must definitely try when coming here. Whole chicken after preliminary processing is cut honey layer on the outside, baked on the charcoal stove, flip all the hands to ripen, to smell fragrant. You can eat black chicken grilled with honey in Sapa.


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