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Sapa Cuisine – Grilled foods are attractive to diners

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Sapa Cuisine – Grilled foods are attractive to diners

Sapa Cuisine – Grilled foods are attractive to diners

Sapa Cuisine – Grilled foods

As a tourist city, the cuisine of Sapa  is also extremely rich with both imported food and local cuisine. Coming to Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus, you can try many strange dishes, but definitely do not forget to enjoy the barbecue here. Because in the cool weather, the barbecue grilles are full of colors that will quickly attract visitors. Lots of dishes, such as the corn, potatoes and cassava chips scattered across the street, in a short time, a series of stalls are sprouting up. These food streets are formed because of the needs and interests of visitors at night. If Sapa tourists eat once, they will remembered forever.

Sapa Cuisine - Grilled foods

Dozens of stalls selling meat with corn, potatoes, cassava, just a basket and a charcoal stove, some plastic chairs that you’ll have a place to enjoy grilled dishes. There are also chicken eggs, roast duck, pig’s heart is also grilled, grilled chicken,  baked tofu … There are hundreds of barbecue that within a week here is not fully enjoyed. Each dish has its own way to make and prepare your own spices that eat a lot of dishes at the same time you do not have the feeling of duplication and boredom. The  sticky cake with marinated spices will be grilled when the casing of yellow cake is dyed, the aroma of sticky rice will be picked up for you to enjoy.

Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus

Eggs are baked by the skill of the seller, because if you do not know how to bake, the egg will be broken. They also use sweet corns for baking.

Sapa cuisine

This summer , you could make a trip to Sapa is also very good for avoiding the summer heat and enjoy the special barbecue in Sapa.

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