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Did you try the famous corn wine in Sapa ? – Sapa 2 days 1 night tour

Sapa corn wine

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Did you try the famous corn wine in Sapa ? – Sapa 2 days 1 night tour

Did you try the famous corn wine in Sapa ? – Sapa 2 days 1 night tour

Sapa corn wine

Sapa Corn wine has become an indispensable and important drink for ethnic people in the Northwest region. In Bac Ha district, Ban Pho village has been famous for making corn wine, aromatic flavor of the North West forests.

How to cook corn wine ?

With cold weather, the winter season is long so the fact that every year people can grow only one season. To make this delicious corn wine must choose the best corn. Good corn must be yellow seeds, fragrant and strong seeds. Maize is harvested when it is already old, bring out the whole corn once or twice under the sunshine and then go to the kitchen to dry to preserve and to make wine gradually.

Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus

The most important ingredient to create the distinctive flavor of  Ban Pho is that it is made from Hong Mi, a kind of grass that is close to rice and small black seeds like seeds. The sesame is intercropped on corn fields, rice fields. After 3 months of harvesting,Hong Mi is harvested and dried. In order to make the best yeast, the H’Mong took old dried Hong Mi’s seeds to crush and filtered the flour then kneaded with water, molding into small cakes. After finishing put these glaze on the straw and dried in the sun, airy until the dry rice cake turns white, then put on the stove gradually.

Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus

Hong Mi

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To have a delicious corn wine as now requires the meticulous and meticulous processing and processing is quite sophisticated. Corn is boiled so that the corn pops out and then mixed with yeast in a certain heirloom and incubated for 5-7 days. Then, the fermented, sweet-smelling maize into the alcohol distillery in the traditional H’Mong way. Note when boiling wine, corn wine must be cooked by firewood, always keep the fire burning and even, enough water . Often the first liter of wine is very heavy, fragrant and delicious so the owner often kept to invite guests.

About Sapa corn wine

Sapa corn wine

Wine Corn is a popular drink that is always present in the meals of the people here. Alcohol is also used to invite guests or during holidays and festivals of ethnic minority people.  Ban Pho wine is a bit sweet, spicy tongue but easy to penetrate and drunk . The cup of corn wine not only affords the gratitude of the northwestern mountains but also the sweat of the people. Cold winter is approaching, what better than enjoying a cup of warm corn on the edge of the tray with some relatives and friends, fireplace and talking endless stories at the mountain Northwest forest.

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