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Sapa Attractions you may not know

Sapa 2 days tour

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Sapa Attractions you may not know

Sapa Attractions

For tourists, Sapa is certainly not a strange name. Every year, thousands of tourists come to visit here. So what makes Sapa become so attractive to tourists ?  Let Aroka Travel give you some information to discover the great things here.

Visitors is “fascinated” by the majestic natural scenery in Sapa

Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus

Sapa is mountainous and hill land, being very imposing by mountain, hill, valleys and the picturesque of rice terrace fields. One strongly-impressed feature of Sapa tours is characteristic culture, tradition, custom, history of ethnic minority people because Sapa is land of ethnic groups such as Hmong, Tay, Giay, Red Dzao, Nung …Each of group has a particular feature of character, they display their typical culture on the daily activities of life, what daily do they work and how do they remain on the imposing of forest-mountain.

Sapa is beautiful with lots of terraced rice fields


Ta Van village

If you come to Sapa in May and June, you’ll see green fields like a “long  green carpet” around mountains.

At the end of August and early September, tourists come to Sapa to travel and admire the beautiful yellow terraced fields . Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful time in Sapa. You could see fields from above,  through the hills of  rice fields. Sometimes, some layer of green rice fields  interweave with  yeallow fields . Some ethnic people are harvesting ripe rice . All of those things make a beautiful “picture” that any visitor who came here also praised. They often say words like “Oh great”, “So beautiful”, ”What a paradise!”.

Sapa tours

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Sapa in the crop of peaches and plums

Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus


After the spring, when season of peach blossom is  end, it’s the time of  peaches and plums crop. Sapa peach is very fresh and good for not thirsty, but these  peaches and plums are delicious only in this time.

You could read more information here : Sapa in June, July and August

Sapa has many  delicious dishes

Just watch but you may want to eat immediately

Just watch but you may want to eat immediately

Sapa’s Cuisine is viriety. There is one dish that other places of Vietnam don’t have : Thang Co. Did you taste Thang Co ?

The most importain thing is that visitors feel the peaceful space,fresh air,  new feeling, stay away from bustle life daily,… . That’s why Sapa is always in the top destinations of the Northern Vietnam.

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