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Pom Coong village in Mai Chau, Vietnam

Mai Chau 2 days tour

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Pom Coong village in Mai Chau, Vietnam

Pom Coong village

With Mai Chau 2 days tours, we should not miss the Pom Coong village which is one of the most beautiful villages in  Mai Chau town. It has been known as a cultural village, tourist village, attractive destination with visitors crossed with nearly 70 households and more than 300 people. Traditionally, the people of Pom Coong still erected stilts that are unique to stay. The houses are near together ,only separated by a row of vegetables or very short space. Sitting on the door, people can talk , children can play together.

Pom Coong village

Unlike the stilt houses of other ethnic groups, Thai stilt houses are often taller so they always create a clean, cool feeling. The floor is 2m above the ground with solid wooden posts. The floor is made of bamboo or wood. Roofs are made of leaves or improved by brick. The windows in the house are quite large size to catch the cool wind and it’s also the place for the host to hang orchid flowers, forest flowers, bird cages.

At the foot of the stilt house, Thai girls work on the looms, making unique brocade products to attract tourists. Souvenir products are brocade pouches, bags, shirts are sold right at the foot of the floor with colorful colors, making the house floor of Pom Coong more prominent.

Mai Chau 2 days tour

Come here , you can not only take part in interesting dances but also taste lots of foods. The most famous dish is ​​Glutinous rice.

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If you want to explore more places in this mountainous religion, you should visit Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus for 2 places at once .

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