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Mai Chau tour – Discover some information about Thai culture

Mai Chau tour from Hanoi

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Mai Chau tour – Discover some information about Thai culture

Coming to Mai Chau , visitors will have the opportunity to meet and enjoy the Thai people’ culture . Let’s explore the culture with Aroka Travel.

Thai people

The Mai Chau valley with the main ethnic group is Thai people . This ethnic group has created an identity that its original values ​​are still preserved. And come  to Lac village, all the beauty will be clear. These are simple, rustic stilts – one of the distinct beauty of the culture here, or the habits of daily life and festivals that also carry traditional beauty.

Mai Chau tour from Hanoi

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Mai Chau tour

When attending the Mai Chau Tour, a specialty of this place which visitors often remind is fabric brocade. From the hands of the local girls , they weave beautiful brocade, pattern and texture. Brocade is also one of the cultural features here. Thai girls  must know how to weave brocade and embroidery before getting maried . To the Thai people, Brocade is also a part of their spiritual life.

Beauty from daily life

Mai Chau tour from Hanoi

Thai people  still preserve and develop the beauty of traditional ethnic culture through generations, in cultural activities, or in festivals, costumes and also in food. All visitors when visiting Mai Chau  are curious, fascinated and attracted that do not want to leave.

Mai Chau tour is always a good chance for you to find a peace and natural place. In addition, you can also visit Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus for only one trip.

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