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Delicious dishes you should taste in Mai Chau

Mai Chau 2 days tour

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Delicious dishes you should taste in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is a interesting destination for visitors who find peace and the fresh air. Coming to Mai Chau 2 days tour, you are not only see beautiful sceneries but also eat  Mai Chau delicious dishes which is only here.


Mai Chau 2 days tour


Chickens  are released in the garden, on the hills, in the woods and raised naturally. Anyone who has eaten the original Mai Chau chicken can not forget the special taste of it. Very delicious characteristic meat of no another chicken breed . To eat this chicken by the most delicious way, just boil it . Eating this meat with : salt and pepper mixed with lemon leaves. Sweet boiled water to eat with hot rice.


Bamboo sticky rice

Mai Chau 2 days tour

Bamboo Sticky rice 

Perhaps the best known dish of Mai Chau is the sticky rice in tubes of bamboo.This dish is not too picky with young bamboo shoots, filled with rice and roasted on a fire, served with sesame salt, roast pork … However, this dish requires skill and meticulousness. Rice is an important material, when cooking rice, select the characteristic rice of mountains: small seeds, elongated;  when the rice is ripe , it has aroma.

​​Glutinous rice 

Mai Chau 2 days tour

​​Glutinous rice

Come to Mai Chau, enjoy the glutinous rice that Thai ethnic group’s women cook make you  feel all of deicious taste. Thai people always choose slices to make sticky rice. That is the kind of Thai people’ sticky rice planted on terraced fields in Mai Chau valley.

Mai Chau 2 days tour

​​Glutinous rice with grilled pork

Rice is soaked for several hours before cooking. The Thai’s woman does not make this dish with aluminium pots, steamed like the Kinh people , but put sticky rice into the wood pots and make rice be ripe in steam. The processing is very skillful and requires skill. After the first scent, take out sticky rice, put into a basket. However, this moment is not cooked. Wrap them all in a basket for a few minutes and then put on wood pot and make continuously until it is ripe already. After cooking, grains of rice are now soft and fragrant, the scent is into nose of the diners.

Muong pork

Mai Chau delicious dishes

Grilled pig

Muong pigs, also called armpit pigs, … are long-tailed, small ears, thin legs, long and hard hair. Grazed pigs are  in natural conditions, in the forest, just eating trees, grass, not eating industrial food, meat is lean, low in fat and taste as natural meat when eaten.

This is one of the high-tasting regional flavors, a  indispensable specialty in the meals of the people in the northwestern mountain.

Water of  Phao leaves 

A special drink in Mai Chau, made from a kind of available forest leaves . After breaking the leaves, dried and then chopped, after boiling the juice is acrid, has the smell of medicinal herbs and the smell of the leaves of the forest. Drinking water is very good, both stimulate digestion and nutritious effects, increase the resistance of the body.

If you want to travel more places, you should refer to Sapa 2 days 1 night (homestay) or Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus  . Sapa is near Mai Chau  and you can  take advantage of time to travel 2 places on one trip.

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  1. Daniel

    29/05/2017 at 16:02

    Good article, I will taste them when I come to Mai Chau

  2. Adam Suf

    06/05/2017 at 18:32

    I found this article very interesting. I’m looking for it to go to Mai Chau. I am in Hanoi and have a trip to Mai Chau, Hoa Binh tomorrow

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