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Visit Lac village in Mai Chau, Vietnam

Lac village, Mai Chau

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Visit Lac village in Mai Chau, Vietnam

Lac village, Mai Chau


From Hanoi to the town of Hoa Binh province, you keep going about 65 km  to the Lac village, Mai Chau .

On journey from Hoa Binh town to Lac village , you will have to overcome a  long slope called Cun slope. The road of slope is very crooked and dangerous, to sit on the car to make sure you will believe that you’re going into the realm shadow scene first, because the pulse mountains and clouds covered the sky. The more you go up high landscape more beautiful, the next point stop of you is the Thung Khe pass . From a height overlooking of Mai Chau , there is the green colour of rice fields . Small stilt houses are nestled in the mountains covered with clouds . Most of people living here are the White Thai ethnic group.

Lac village, Mai Chau

Lac village

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Mai Chau 2 days tour

Mai Chau valley

 Activities and Cuisine here

Previously villagers live mainly by brocade and rice .When Mai Chau becomes tourist area,  people are gradually doing in Lac village for tourism, it has become the bright spot of tourism in Vietnam in general.

Besides the change in the physical and mental, in Lac village they founded several performance teams serving travelers with very cheap price about: 600,000 VND / 1 team. Their repertoires are  dances  such as: Xap dances , flower picking  dance, transplanting, havesting  dance,.. with favorite songs about northwestern mountains.

Cuisine here is extremely rich, for examples: rice, wine,  salty pork, chicken on hill, stream fish . They are delicious and cheap .

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Foods made of pork

People in village

Costumes of the people here are very diverse. They wear hand made clothes because they are self-made by hand from just weave the scarves, shirts brocades to wear. Ethnic women often sold to tourists as  scarves,  decorative fabric  , hand strap and the lovely wallet,…

Mai Chau 2 days tour

Dance of ethnic people

Although there have been many years of travel services, but the rush of coins hardly lose the honest, the beatiful nature of this mountainous region.

Mai Chau 2 days tour is  really captivating guests by rustic beauty of the mountains and the sentimental heart warmth of the people here.

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