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The delicious dish in Sapa : black chicken is grilled in honey

Grilled honey black chicken

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The delicious dish in Sapa : black chicken is grilled in honey

Grilled honey black chicken

People are reminded of beautiful scenery  in fog, villages with unique cultural traditions and delicious food such as buffalo meat, small black pig, salmon, vegetable in forest,etc…

Among the most attractive Sapa specialties, one of the most impressed dishes in the heart of tourists can not help but mention that  is the Grilled honey black chicken. Any tourist in Sapa tour also tasted it.

How is the black chicken ?

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Black chickens are a rare breed of chicken found in the north. Each adult chickens weigh just under 1 kg and has dark skin as the name . These chickens are one of the specialty chicken kinds. They have many dishes such as fried, steamed, boiled … the most delicious chicken is still grilled in honey. This dish is not only a specialty, but also a food that provides many nutritional values, is good for health, has the effect of curing some diseases. Therefore, if you travel to  Sapa, you can not ignore the opportunity to enjoy this specialty dish.

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Cooking process:

Grilled honey black chicken

Adding honey to chicken seems like an easy job to do but this is an extremely elaborate stage, requiring experience and meticulousness of the person to get the honey flavor and aroma of honey. If you give too little honey, chicken is not fragrant, if too much, the chicken will burn, bitter is difficult to eat. Can be added to the stomach the mixture of pure lean meats, mushrooms, pepper, spices … and then baked to create fragrance from the inside. The grilled chicken is cooked hot and just blew to eat with mint leaves and pepper -salt . For a full trip to Sapa, visitors should enjoy this delicious food, both to satisfy the boiling stomach, and to learn more about Sapa cuisine.

You can enjoy the chickens at most eateries in any Sapa tourist destination or enjoy the Ham Rong Street with all the specialties of Sapa .

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