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Forest chestnut- SaPa specialties

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Forest chestnut- SaPa specialties

Forest chestnut- SaPa specialties

Sapa is a land that has been endowed with many precious produce, many scenic spots as well as a distinctly beautiful climate in the four seasons of the year. Each season is represented by  unique products. Being a cold country, the most famous specialties of sapa are the typical green vegetables such as cauliflower, cauliflower, red radish, etc. Forest chestnut- SaPa specialties is delicious and nutritious.

Forest chestnut- SaPa specialties
Sapa chestnut is different from other kinds of chestnuts, such as Chinese chestnut, Cao Bang chestnut, Quang Uyen chestnut … by its characteristic and quality. This chestnut is bigger  than simple chestnus, slightly distorted shape,  dark brown shell, very shiny . It is thin silk shell, easy to peel, its kernel is yellow, sweet, smell, aroma.

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There are many ways to process chestnuts. The chestnut shell is very hard, so it needs to be cooked thoroughly and then roasted until the hazelnut gets rich. Then can enjoy the results. It is possible to grind chestnuts to make bread instead of green pea powder, which is very delicious but strange mouth.

Sapa tours

These Sapa chestnut are sold in Sapa market, Lao Cai city. They are extremely interesting snacks when it’s cold or in the evening. Hold in hand a handful of hot roasted chestnut  , inhaling the scent of aromatic greasy greed at a cold night to feel the wildlife . Taste these chestnuts once, you’ll remember and want to buy as gifts.

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