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The five-color Sapa sticky rice you should try

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The five-color Sapa sticky rice you should try

five-color Sapa sticky rice

As a ethnic minority, the Tay ethnic group live mainly in the North of Vietnam, some midlands and upstream of Vietnam. Traveling to Sapa in Lao Cai , visitors can learn more about the Tay culture at the peaceful villages here. The five-color Sapa sticky rice is the traditional food on the occasions of New Year holidays or festivals, when the host has guests, …

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Color of this dish

five-color Sapa sticky rice

Five-color sticky rice is made up of five kinds of sticky rice with five different colors. It’s red, yellow, blue, purple and white. However, depending on the conditions of each region, they can mix or use different colors in addition to the basic colors to create sticky rice. The five colors represent the five elements: yellow is the color of the earth, green is the color of the wood, red is the corlor of the fire , white is the color of the needle, the color of the water is black.

Cooking process

Ingredients include sticky rice, seeds are smooth, mixed with the leaves of forest trees to dye the sticky rice. Red made of Gac fruit or red leaves. Green made of leaves ginger,  peel of grapefruit, bamboo shoots,… The yellow made of turmeric used to pound the water. Purple uses Sau Sau leaves .The black made by Gai leaves.

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Before dyeing sticky rice, glutinous rice is cleaned and soaked in water for 6-8 hours to the rice seeds have a moderate hatch.  Divide the rice into 5 parts, each corresponding to one color. Then steam rice and wait . This is one of delicious dishes that many tourists travel on Sapa tour like to taste. There are five flower-shaped petals, each petal is one color. Besides, the chef may make sticky rice like terraced fields, each terrace is one color, where there are wooden molds forming tower, .. All these shapes create unique in Sapa cuisine.

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