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Beauty of Sapa in fog

Beauty of Sapa in fog

Sapa in fog

Located in the Northwestern ,  Sapa in fog is a highland district of Lao Cai, a land of humility, quiet but hidden in the wonders of nature. Sapa town is 38 km from Lao Cai and 376 km from Hanoi. In addition to the main road from Lao Cai city, there is another way: Highway 4D linking Binh Lu, Lai Chau. Although most inhabitants of Sapa are ethnic minorities, the town mainly focuses on Kinh people living and tourism services.

Sapa in fog

Sapa in fog

Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus

a coffee’s view

This place contains many wonders of nature, natural scenery with the terrain of hills, blue of the forest, create a picture with a harmonious layout, poetic and attractive landscape. That’s the land of the North West in Vietnam.

Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus

There are also many resorts ands hotel for you, for example : Topas Ecolodge – Sapa 2 days tour

Sapa’s natural landscape is combined with the creativity of the people along with the terrain of the hills, the green of the forest, the terraced fields creating an area of ​​dreamy scenery .

Sapa 2 days tour

Ethnic people grow rice

Here, there is a priceless resource that is cool, cool climate with a variety of nuances. Located at an average elevation of 1500m – 1800m, Sapa climate more or less brings the shade of temperate land, with the average temperature of 15-18 ° C.

The love market in Sapa

Traveling to Sapa, visitors want to see not only beautiful scenery but also the unique culture of indigenous people here. The Love Market in Sapa,Vietnam is a very special cultural characteristics of H’Mong , Dao ethnic people, the meeting place, the emotional exchange of men and women in the northwestern villages, attracting a large number of tourists every year

Sapa 2 days 1 night tour

Visit Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village is the most beautiful village in Sapa. If you go to  Sapa 2 days 1 night by bus, you can visit this place

The Silver Waterfall

 Silver Waterfall is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sa Pa district of Lao Cai province, about 15 km from Sapa town . Silver Waterfall, which is more than 200 meters high, is the upstream of the Muong Hoa stream.

Silver waterfall

Silver waterfall

There are more beautiful places for you to discover in Sapa, So why don’t come there and ralax ? You could refer  to these  Sapa tours below:

Sapa 2 days 1 night (Homestay) 

Sapa 3 days 2 nights  (homestay)

In addition to Sapa, you could also like to visit Mai Chau by Mai Chau 2 days tour for only one trip.

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